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Metal-Tek® Graphite Paste

Metal Tek® Graphite Paste is solid lubricant paste for the assembly and running-in metal components. It is an outstanding product for high temperature application such as cylinder head studs, face plate studs, boiler and man-head gaskets. It will keep joints leak-proof against oil, acids and gases.   Impa Code: 812411  

Metal-Tek® Graphite Powder

Metal-Tek® Graphite Powder is a powdered graphite-mir-floated. It is extra finely powdered graphite for precision equipment. It is more adhesive than ordinary flake graphite.   Impa Code: 812401  

Metal-Tek® Grinding and Lapping Compound

Metal-Tek® Grinding and Lapping Compound is manufactured with high quality grease and petroleum products. The special inhibitor leave a thin film on the metal surface as a protection against rust and oxidation. It is specially created for precision lapping, fitting, surfacing, polishing and other general use in machine shops.     Availability:   Grade Grit# […]

Metal Tek® 1000 Paste

Metal-Tek® 1000 Paste is a solid lubricant paste that is suitable for protection of threaded connections exposed to extreme heat or corrosive environment.   Impa Code: 450521, 450522, 450661  

Metal-Tek® BR-2 Plus Paste

Metal-Tek® BR-2 Plus Paste is a universal and high performance grease with solid lubricants that is developed for metal/metal combinations involving slow to fast movements. It is composed of mineral oil, graphite, grease and molybdenum powder. The inclusion of molybdenum disulfide enhances load carrying performance while reducing friction.   Impa Code: 450336, 450346, 450526, 450526 […]

Metal-Tek® G-N Paste

Metal-Tek® G-N Paste is a low friction assembly aid containing a synergetic mixture of solid lubricants.   Impa Code: 450511, 450512, 450513