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Metal-Tek® M-30

Metal-Tek® M-30 Paste is a high temperature lubricant comprising colloidal molybdenum disulphide in a non-carbonizing synthetic carrier.   Impa Code: 450536  

Metal-Tek® M-77 Paste

Metal-Tek® M-77 Paste is a multipurpose extreme pressure lubricating paste.   Impa Code: 450518, 450451, 450519  

Metal-Tek® Micro Power

Metal-Tek® Micro Powder is a highly refined and purified molybdenum disulfide powders.   Impa Code: 450504, 450505, 812401  

Metal-Tek® U-Paste

Metal-Tek® U-Paste is a solid lubricant paste and a low friction assembly aid. It is specially created for assembling, running-in and lubrication of components that are subjected to high temperatures.   Impa Code: 450515, 450516, 450517  

Metal-Tek® Z-Powder

Metal-Tek® Z-Power is highly refined and purified molybdenum disulfide powders. As a dry and solid lubricant it is used for applications that are exposed to extreme environments, slow speeds and heavy loads.   Impa Code: 450501, 450502, 450503  

Metal-Tek® Pipe Dressing

Possessing high resistance against both high & low temperature. Surface-drying type and anticorrosion coating agent. It is particularly suitable for dressing hydraulic and steam lines, windlasses and deck winch cylinders, etc.   Impa Code: 450791