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Industrial Lubricants

Metal-Tek® Copper Anti-Seize Compound

Metal-Tek® Copper Anti-Seize Compound is an anti-seize pre-assembly compound that is developed for use in any temperature from -40℃ to 1100℃. It has extremely high strength and has been formulated and produced to provide protection against seizure, even in extreme service conditions, ease and economy of labour when assembling and dismantling equipment, protection against rust, […]

Gasoline & Oil Finding Paste

Gasoline Finding Paste is a chemical paste used with oil gauging tape for measuring the presence of various types of oils. The color of the paste will generally change from light pink to deep red upon contact with most hydrocarbon fuels.    Impa Code: 650891  

Metal-Tek® Graphite Flakes

Metal-Tek® Graphite Flakes is a dry, solid lubricant that is used for applications that are exposed to extreme environments, slow speeds and heavy loads. Graphite surfaces improve lubrication and help oil and grease to last longer. These graphite flakes are also used a paint pigment for heat resistant protective coats.   Impa Code: 812406  

Metal-Tek® Graphite Paste

Metal Tek® Graphite Paste is solid lubricant paste for the assembly and running-in metal components. It is an outstanding product for high temperature application such as cylinder head studs, face plate studs, boiler and man-head gaskets. It will keep joints leak-proof against oil, acids and gases.   Impa Code: 812411  

Metal-Tek® Graphite Powder

Metal-Tek® Graphite Powder is a powdered graphite-mir-floated. It is extra finely powdered graphite for precision equipment. It is more adhesive than ordinary flake graphite.   Impa Code: 812401  

Metal Tek® 1000 Paste

Metal-Tek® 1000 Paste is a solid lubricant paste that is suitable for protection of threaded connections exposed to extreme heat or corrosive environment.   Impa Code: 450521, 450522, 450661