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Pipe Protection & Repair


BC Petro Tape is composed with synthetic fabric, filled with a petrolatum compound, inert fillers and special anti-corrosion agents for the protection of pipes, valves, flanges,couplings, pilings and other steel structures. This product offers excellent protectionagainst corrosion and creates a solid water barrier. BC Petro Tape has good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts.


•Conforms to irregular surfaces.

•Great efficiency with easy applications and short working times.

•No changes in quality under extremely low temperature(270 ºC).

•No cracking and hardening. Contains no solvents.

•Can be applied to cold and wet surfaces.

•Encapsulates lead paints.


•Hydraulic pipes.

•Cable lines.

•Steel pilings or marine structures.

•Underground pipes or tanks.

•Valves, flanges, elbow and tees.

•Complex steel structures in piers, buildings, factories and other facilities.


BC Pipe Dressing -22 (PD-22) BC Pipe Dressing-22 is very unique heat resistant coating for steam pipeline and steam machinery, and it is very popular item protecting steam machinery against corrosion.   Characteristic Top surface harden to protect outside impact Remains soft salve-like texture underneath Flexible soft film underneath can comply with steel expanding and […]


BC Petro Paste is Petrolatum-based Primer for increasing adhesion and anti-corrosive property of BC Petro tape.   Applications Hydraulic pipes, Valves, Flanges, Joints, Elbows and Tees Steel Pilings or Marine structures Underground pipes or tanks.   Features Minimal surface preparation (SSPC SP 2-3) Can be applied in any climate Can be applied to wet surfaces […]


BC Marine Tape (Hatch Cover Sealing Tape) can duly protect your valuable cargo against seawater and it withstands the harshest conditions providing a watertight seal.     Characteristic Various sizes & packings Excellent adhesion No remains on removal No preheating required Medium/Heavy/Super Heavy duty available Good adhesion on hot & cold weather     Usage […]

Metal-Tek® Epoxy Putty Stick

Ideal for emergency repairs. Easy to carry and use: cut as you need, mix with fingers and patch. Stop leaks, fill holes and cracks, bonds and repairs almost everything.     Features: Works Underwater Repair in 20mins No Special Tools or Hot Work Required Safe for Drinking Water Resistant to Most Chemicals Can be Machined, […]

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Resin & Activator

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Resin & Activator is a free flowing resin with activator that impregnates glass, cloth, tape and mat and bonds tenaciously to any surface to produce a tight seal which will not dissolve in water or oil and will resist high temperature.     Impa Code: 812301