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Resin Based Maintenance

Metal-Tek® Bronze Putty (BR)

Bronze-filled epoxy putty with similar properties to Plastic Steel.     Features: Bonds securely to bronze alloys, brass, copper and ferrous metals. For repairing bronze and brass bushings, shafts and ferrous metal parts. Suitable for areas where brazing would be undesirable or impossible. Suited to the marine industry.     Impa Code: 812290, 812910, 812911

Metal-Tek® Plastic Steel Putty (A)

Plastic steel-filled putty epoxy for routine maintenance, repairs, tooling and production applications.     Features: Non-shrinking Can be drilled, tapped, machined or painted. Bonds to iron, steel, aluminum, brass, wood, glass, ceramics and concrete. For repairing pipes, tanks, build up worn equipment and making tools.     Impa Code: 812211, 812251, 812252

Metal-Tek® Plastic Steel Liquid (B)

Metal-Tek® Plastic Steel Liquid (B) is a steel-filled liquid designed for maintaining or repairing tooling, mould-making and levelling equipment. It can be cast over models for accurate detail reproduction when making holding fixtures.   Impa Code: 812179, 812256, 812357    

Metal-Tek® Stainless Steel Putty (ST)

Stainless Steel-filled epoxy putty for patching, repairing and rebuilding stainless steel processing equipment.   Features: Resists rust. Bonds to ferrous and nonferrous metals. Applicable to wherever hygiene and corrosion resistance are important. For repairing of machinery and equipment in food processing and packing plants, dairies and chemical plants.   Impa Code: 812292, 812943, 812944

Metal-Tek® Plastic Steel 5 Minutes (SF)

Super-Fast version of Plastic Steel Putty for dependable emergency repairs in less than 1 hour.     Features: Cures to a tough, steel-filled material. Ideal for low temperature applications. Can be machined, drilled, tapped or sanded. Fast repairs to pipes, tanks and other essential equipment.     Impa Code: 812262, 812931, 812932

Metal-Tek® Super HT Metal 111

Metal-Tek® Super HT Metal 111 consists of two component systems that harden by the addition of a curing agent to the resin. It is a ceramic Steel Reinforced Polymer suitable for high temperature environment (280°C).   Features: Ideal for high temperature applications. Corrosion Resistance. Multipurpose. Can be machined, drilled, tapped or sanded. Fast repairs to […]