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Resin Based Maintenance

Metal-Tek® HR-Super 3000

Metal-Tek® HR-Super 3000 putty is a high performance epoxy that is ideal for emergency repairs as cures in few minutes at over 100℃. It provides excellent temperature resistance with continuous service temperature (200-220℃) and maximum temperature (300℃). This epoxy enhances strength when used with enclosed glass tape under high temperature and pressures.     Impa […]

Metal-Tek® Underwater Putty (UW)

Metal-Tek® Underwater Putty (UW) offers high performance technology for repairing, patching, and rebuilding equipment in habitually wet environments, including under water.   Features: Penetrates wetness to bond securely to steel, iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, concrete, wood and some plastics. Resist rust. Eliminates the need for substrate to be thoroughly dry before repair. Applicable wherever hygiene […]

Metal-Tek® Wear Resistant Putty

Metal-Tek® Wear Resistant Putty is a high wear-resistant, self-lubricating compound  for repairs requiring smooth surfaces against sliding wear.   Impa Code: 812281, 812183, 812184