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Sanitation & Disinfection

Automated Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is fully automated to provide an effortless touch-free sanitization. It effectively prevents spread of bacteria to help stop cross infection and ensures the health of family and community.     Features: Touch-Free Sensor Technology. Non-Drip Spray Mechanism. 1000ml Capacity. 1000 Doses Per Refill. Operates with 4 AA Batteries. Battery Saving with […]

Portable ULV Nebulizer

The Portable ULV Nebulizer is safe and simple to operate, it has accurate and adjustable orientation, with long range to provide an efficient and thorough disinfection, sterilization and insecticidal spraying work, while utilizing your disinfectant and pesticide solution usage efficiently.     Features: 5L Capacity. Adjustable Spray Angle of 60º Up and Down. Spraying Range […]