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Packings and Gaskets

CVS 6711

Braided grapfoil packing reinforced by inconel wire.

Non-asbestos Braided Packing for High Temperature and High Pressure Valves.

New : 6711P, an outer layer PTFE coating for extra lubrication and easy handling.


Temperature : -260°C to 850°C

Pressure : 440 kg/cm²

Velocity : 2 m/s

pH range : 0 to 14


For high pressure valves, heat transfer oil valves, high pressure gas valves, soot blowers.

*Not recommended for pump.

CVS Cortex Joint Sheet

Cortex Joint Sheet

Made of cork and mixed with oil resistant rubber.



Vegetable Fiber Oil-Proof Joint Sheet

Made of chemically treated vegetable fiber.


Temperature: 100 ºC

Pressure: 10 kgf/cm²


Gasket for oil pumps, crank cases, transmission covers, gasoline pumps, oil drums andwater.

CVS 4508

PTFE Special Organic Fiber Packing.

Square-braided special organic fiber packing impregnated with PTFE dispersion and a special lubricant.


Temperature : -100°C to 200°C

Pressure : 15 kg/cm²

Velocity : 20 m/s

pH range : 10 to 14


For solvents, strong acids, strong alkalies, pumps, mixers and paper-making pumps.

CVS 4526

Aramid Fiber Packing.

It is manufactured from DuPont’s Kevlar yarn impregnated with PTFE dispersion andtreated with lubricant, braided into square cross section.


Temperature: -220°C to 260°C

Pressure : 110 kg/cm²

Velocity: 16 m/s

pH range : 2 to 14


For seawater pump, bilge pump, fuel oil pump, boiler water circulating pump, valves.

CVS 4529

Graphite Packing PTFE with Kevlar Corner.

High quality hybrid packing (combination of graphite-filled PTFE and aramid yarn)reinforcing the edges to avoid gap extrusion during high pressure and temperatureconditions. Good sliding properties and thermal conductibility.


Temperature : -200°C to 260°C

Pressure : 100 kg/cm²

Velocity: 16 m/s

pH range : 2 to 14


Reciprocating pumps, mixers and high viscosity pumps, oil, water, alkali, solvent and acid.

CVS 6501

Universal Carbonized Fiber Packing.

Square-braided carbonized fiber packing. Constructed by impregnating the fibers withPTFE dispersion and a special lubricant.


Temperature : 260°C

Pressure : 10 kg/cm²

Velocity : 25 m/s

pH range : 2 to 12


For rotary pumps, plunger, pumps and agitators.