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Refractory Products

Firebrick SK34

Made of refractory ceramic material for use in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes and fireplaces. Can also be used as insulation for glass tanks.   Features: High Temperature Resistance High Density High Strength High Resistance to Abrasion Resistance to Thermal Shock Low Thermal Conductivity Easy Application   Specifications: Size: L230 x W115 x H65mm    

Refractory Dense Castables

Castables are refractory cements which are mixed with the proper amount of water for installation. May be poured into frames or troweled as is the case with ordinary cement, or gunited by gunning machines. After installation by whichever method, it hardens to a sufficient strength.   Availability: 812448 Refractory Dense Castable #31 812449 Refractory Dense […]

Metal-Tek® Fireclay Powder

Dry milled powder for boiler brick work, anti-fire walls, etc. Will withstand up to 1,200°C. Application for lining of steel rolling heating furnace, heat treatment of furnace, boiler, shaft kiln and preheating zone of rotary kiln.   Features: High Mechanical Strength Good Thermal Shock Resistance Tiny Linear Variation, No Cracking Resistant to Scour and Erosion […]