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Engineering Plastic


CVS Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant is a soft, compressible gasket material made of 100% pure, expanded PTFE. It is a form in place gasket that conforms to almost any sealing surface. Upon compression, it forms a thin, hard ribbon that fills in surface irregularities and creates an extremely tight seal.




Impa Code Size
812561 W-3MM X T-2MM X 25MTR
812562 W-7MM X T-2.5MM X 25MTR
812563 W-10MM X T-4MM X 10MTR
812564 W-12MM X T-4MM X 10MTR
812566 W-20MM X T-4MM X 5MTR
 – W-5MM X T-2.5MM X 25MTR
 – W-17MM X T-4.0MM X 10MTR