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Engineering Plastic


PTFE is one of a class of plastics known as fluoropolymers.



Extremely resistant to chemical corrosion, it is non-aging, non-sticking and remain stable at -180°C ~ 260°C temperature without load.

It has the lowest friction coefficients in known solid materials.

Higher durability, corrosive resistance higher heat resistance.

Excellent anti-aging, electric insulation properties, good performance for sealing.




812506 Ø4.0mm x 1mtr
812507 Ø4.0mm x 1mtr
812508 Ø4.0mm x 1mtr
812509 Ø6.0mm x 1mtr
812510 Ø6.0mm x 1mtr
812511 Ø8.0mm x 1mtr
812512 Ø8.0mm x 1mtr
812513 Ø10.0mm x 1mtr
812514 Ø10.0mm x 1mtr
812515 Ø10.0mm x 1mtr
812516 Ø10.0mm x 1mtr
812517 Ø15.0mm x 1mtr
812518 Ø15.0mm x 1mtr
812519 Ø20.0mm x 1mtr
812520 Ø20.0mm x 1mtr
812521 Ø25.0mm x 1mtr
812522 Ø25.0mm x 1mtr
812524 Ø30.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø35.0mm x 1mtr
812525 Ø40.0mm x 1mtr
812526 Ø45.0mm x 1mtr
812527 Ø50.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø55.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø60.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø65.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø70.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø75.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø80.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø85.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø90.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø95.0mm x 1mtr
 – Ø100mm x 1mtr
 – Ø120mm x 1mtr
 – Ø130mm x 1mtr
 – Ø150mm x 1mtr