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Gland Packings

CVS 4526

Aramid Fiber PTFE Packing

It is manufactured from DuPont’s kevler yarn impregnated with PTFE dispersion and treated with lubricant, braided into square cross section



Temperature: -220°C to 260°C

Pressure: 110kgf/cm²

Velocity: 16m/s

pH Range: 2-14



For seaweed pump, bilge pump, fuel oil pump, boiler water circulating pump, valves.


Available Size:


Impa Code Size
810418 3mm X 3mtr
810419 5mm X 3mtr
810420 6.5mm X 3mtr
810458 8mm X 3mtr
810451 9.5mm X 3mtr
810459 11mm X 3mtr
810452 12.5mm X 3mtr
810453 14.5mm X 3mtr
810454 16mm X 3mtr
810455 19mm X 3mtr
810456 20.5mm X 3mtr
810457 22mm X 3mtr
810460 24mm X 3mtr
810468 25.5mm X 3mtr