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Metal-Tek® Super Color Check Set

Despite a very small opening width on the surface, many cracks in engineering materials can be very deep and cause very serious defects. By using Metal-Tek® Super Color Check Set, cracks can be detected that are difficult to detect with regular visual inspection.

Each set contains a set of three products:


Cleaner (400ml) x 1

Fast drying and colorless solvent that is specially developed as a pre or post cleaner for Penetrant and Developer.


Penetrant (400ml) x 1

A highly visible red dye which penetrates into even the tiniest defect or crack.


Developer (400ml) x 1

Contains fast drying white coating that offers maximum visibility against Penetrant.





For checking welding work or for surface monitoring of workpieces, pipes, tanks, etc.



Product Features:

•  Check can be carried out with ready-to-use aerosols

•  Cost-effective and time saving

•  Sensitive and reliable test method

•  Widely applicable



Technical Specifications:

•  Physical State: Liquid

•  Odour: Petroleum

•  Flash Point: 80°C

•  Solubility: Solvent: Water, practically insoluble

•  Content: 400ml




•  1 Set: 3 Cans (Impa Code: 617026)

•  2 Set: 6 Cans (Impa Code: 617026)


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.