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Other Compounds & Pastes

Metal-Tek® Water Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste is a chemical paste used with oil gauging tape for measuring the presence of water. The color of the paste will generally change from golden brown to brillant red upon contact with water.   Applications: Used for testing presence of water in bottom of oil, diesel, petrol, gasoline, fuel oil, and kerosene […]

Metal-Tek® Grinding and Lapping Compound

Metal-Tek® Grinding and Lapping Compound is made using high-quality grease and petroleum products. It leaves a thin film on metal surfaces to protect them against rust and oxidation.   Applications: Suitable for grinding, lapping, polishing, honing, sharpening, and other general use in machine shops.   Product Features: • Lapping valve seat • Lapping and seating […]

Metal-Tek® Nozzle Lapping Paste

Metal-Tek® Nozzle Lapping Paste is a high-grade silicon carbide abrasive for nozzle lapping.   Applications: Suitable for cutting, smoothing and finishing of metal surfaces.   Product Features: • Lapping valve seat • Lapping or seating engine exhaust and intake valves • Remove and conditioning rough spots for smoother and quieter running gears • Sharpening of […]