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Oil Absorbent

A-SORB Oil Absorbent Sheet

Made of a single layer of hydrophobic oil-only polyproplyene that can absorb up to 20 times its own weight.       Applications: They are used like wipes and are very versatile for reaching hard-to-reach areas. In the event of a spill, booms will contain the liquid, and sheets will absorb the trapped liquid.   […]

A-SORB Oil Absorbent Pillow

Made of polypropylene and only absorbs oil, leaving a clean and oil-free water surface.         Applications: Capable of absorbing a large amount of liquid spillage due to its shape. Ideal for containing high-volume spills by placing it on top of pools of fluid and in sloped areas where fluids collect to prevent […]

A-SORB Oil Absorbent Boom

With its highly absorbent polypropylene composition, oil absorbent booms repel water and float once fully saturated, making them ideal for marine environments.       Applications: Good for use in absorbing small spills. Ideal for creating a barrier in the event of a spill to prevent the spill from migrating away from the source, perfect […]

A-SORB Oil Absorbent Roll

Perfect for general everyday use and emergency spill clean-up of petroleum-based oils, solvents and other non-water soluble liquids.       Applications: Can be cut or torn into appropriate sizes and be placed around industrial equipment to protect floors from oil or chemical leakage.     Product Features: •  Up to 20 times its weight […]

A-SORB Oil Absorbent Spill Kit

We provide different sets of Oil Absorbent Spill Kit, each comprising of a variety of oil only absorbents for addressing shipboard spills. They are packed in hard wearing yellow HDPE bins and contain all the necessary items you need to address oil spills of 40L to 12 barrel (1900L).       Applications: Designed to […]