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Pipe Clamps & Couplings

CVS® Polyurethane (TPU) Spider Couplings

CVS® Spider Couplings are a common type of shaft coupling in the industry. They are an essential component for jaw couplings.       Applications: They are designed to transmit torque and rotation between two shafts, accept shaft misalignment, and help protect components from damage by damping shock and vibrations.     Product Features: Made from […]

CVS® Pipe Coupling (Grip-Type)

CVS® Pipe Couplings (Grip-Type) are axially restrained and attached with two anchor rings. Anchor rings with uniquely designed teeth allow anchoring effect to progressively increase as internal pressure increases.       Applications: Used extensively on pipelines where vibration is high. It offers a tensile or restraint connection between the pipes, holding them in position […]

CVS® Pipe Coupling (Flex-Type)

CVS® Pipe Couplings (Flex-Type) are multifunctional couplings with two thick sealing lips which allow for pipe expansion and contraction, as well as angular deflection. These couplings require the pipes to be axially restrained and they are an economical alternative to rubber and metal expansion joints.       Applications: Suitable for use on applications such […]

CVS® Pipe Clamp

CVS® Pipe Clamps (Flex-Type) are repair couplings, they are a split case version of the standard CVS® Pipe Couplings (Flex-Type) which provides the same flexibility features. The split gasket design can be wrapped around the pipe and installed without pipe disassembly in minutes, avoiding costly downtime.       Applications: Ideal for all situations where […]