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Repair Kits

Metal-Tek® Fiberglass Repair Kit

Metal-Tek® Fiberglass Repair Kit contains all that you’ll need to repair any kinds of objects with a strong, permanent, glass fiber reinforced repair. By applying activated resin to the glass fibre mat, you can create a hard, durable plastic that will hold its form permanently.     Applications: Can be used to repair boats, ponds, gutters, […]

Metal-Tek® Pipe Repair Kit

Metal-Tek® Pipe Repair Kit contains one set of fast curing epoxy putty stick and a pack of fiberglass pipe repair tape. Comes in a foil pouch that is hermetically sealed, ready for use, and does not require any measurement or mixing. Damaged pipe can be repaired, reinforced, and further strengthened in minutes, thus reducing downtime. […]

Metal-Tek® Complete Repair Kit

The Metal-Tek® Complete Repair Kit contains all the products required to conduct an emergency repair on leaking or corroded pipe swiftly, easily and efficiently. The products included in this kit consist of a precise selection of Epoxy Putty, Fiberglass Tape & Cloth, along with a complete arsenal of Tools & Accessories for your repair needs. […]