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Hatch Packings

CVS® EPDM Rubber Watertight Hatch Packing

CVS® (EPDM) Rubber Watertight Hatch Packing has closed-cell structures that form airtight and watertight seals using minimal rates of compression. This serves to increase the life expectancy of the material in physically demanding applications.       Applications: Ideally used for hatch door seals on sea vessels.     Benefits of (EDPM) Rubber: •  Resistant to ozone […]

CVS® NBR Rubber Oiltight Hatch Packing

CVS® (NBR) Rubber Oiltight Hatch Packing (2-side tapered) is strong, durable, and has superb oil resistance.       Applications: Ideally used for oil tank hatch cover seals on sea vessels.     Benefits of (NBR) Rubber: •  Large working temperature range •  Oil and hydrocarbon fuel resistant •  Resistant to fats, oils, greases, and chemicals […]

CVS® Neoprene Rubber Cargo Hatch Packing

CVS® (Neoprene) Rubber Cargo Hatch Packing consists of a solid rubber outer on 3 sides and a cellular sponge core bonded to the solid rubber outer faces. The cellular core is purpose-made for this product and offers excellent compression recovery.       Applications: Ideally used for cargo hatch and door seals on sea vessels.     […]