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Gauge Glass Materials

CVS® Plain Flat Gauge Glass

CVS® Plain Flat Gauge Glass is a transparent and smooth gauge glass used to observe the liquid level of the boiler or other liquid tanks. Made of a high strength tempered glass that offers the greatest degree of visibility.       Applications: For use in mechanical engineering, water engineering, and oil refining, provides a visual indication […]

CVS® Reflex Flat Gauge Glass

CVS® Reflex Flat Gauge Glass is designed to make it easier to locate liquid levels. There are three longitudinal grooves printed on the glass. In water, grooves can increase the angle of refraction, allowing better visibility of the liquid level than without them. Made of a high strength tempered glass that offers the greatest degree of […]

CVS® Mica Gasket For Gauge Glass

Mica is a natural mineral with a laminated structure that ensures its sealing properties. As a result, mica-made gasket can provide the best protection for gauge glass.     Applications: Mica gasket protects gauge glass from corrosion of acids and bases, vapors, hot water, oils, etc. and reduces the risk of breakage due to impact and […]

CVS® Non-Asbestos Packing Set For Gauge Glass

General-purpose flat gasket made of reinforced high-grade non-asbestos fibers and bonded with heat-resistant nitrile rubber. Comes in a set of two.     Applications: Placed between the gauge glass and the main body of gauge glass to prevent liquid leakage.     Product Features: Excellent anti-sticking properties on both sides.     Availability:   For Technical/Material […]