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Resin Based Maintenance

Metal-Tek® Epoxy Putty Stick

Ideal for emergency repairs. Easy to carry and use: cut as you need, mix with fingers and patch. Stop leaks, fill holes and cracks, bonds and repairs almost everything.     Features: Works Underwater Repair in 20mins No Special Tools or Hot Work Required Safe for Drinking Water Resistant to Most Chemicals Can be Machined, […]

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Putty

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Putty is a combination of steel packed resin and activator for repairing cracks, holes, crevices and defects in steel and other metals. It can be drilled, threaded, machined filled or hack sawed.     Impa Code: 812310  

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Putty(Red)

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Putty (Red) is a tough, dense compound which sets up hard and posses high adhesive qualities. Used for plugging large holes before reinforcement with activated resin and fiberglass cloth.     Impa Code: 812306  

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Resin & Activator

Metal-Tek® Strong Back Resin & Activator is a free flowing resin with activator that impregnates glass, cloth, tape and mat and bonds tenaciously to any surface to produce a tight seal which will not dissolve in water or oil and will resist high temperature.     Impa Code: 812301  

Metal-Tek® Titanium Putty

Metal-Tek® Titanium Putty is a high performance titanium reinforces that is specially created for making repairs that can be precision machined.     Impa Code: 812241  

Metal-Tek® Aluminium Putty (F)

Aluminum-filled putty for applications requiring an Aluminum finish. Repairs to aluminum castings and HVAC components, forming lightweight prototypes.     Features: Bonds to aluminum. Can be machined, drilled or tapped. Fills porosity in aluminum castings.      Impa Code: 812266, 812267, 812921