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Pipe & Tank Protection Coatings

Metal-Tek® Pipe Dressing (MT-22)

Metal-Tek® Pipe Dressing is a surface-drying type anti-corrosive coating possessing outstanding resistance to high temperatures.   Applications: Suitable for dressing hydraulic and steam lines, windlasses and deck winch cylinders, etc.   Product Features: • Superior long-term corrosion protection • Great efficiency with quick and easy application • No changes in quality under extreme high temperatures […]

Metal-Tek® Apexior Compound No.3

Metal-Tek® Apexior Compound No.3 is specially formulated as an anti-corrosive coating for metal surfaces such as storage tanks that is in contact with fresh or salt water. It is suitable for wet surfaces of a temperature below 50°C or dry and hot surfaces of a temperature up to 200°C.   Applications: Applicable for condensers, cold […]

Metal-Tek® Apexior Compound No.1

Metal-Tek® Apexior Compound No.1 is specially created for interior surface of steam plants including boilers, economizers, calorifiers, turbines and hot water tanks of temperature above 100°C.   Applications: Suitable for steam generating equipment, hot condensate return tanks, hot process tanks, mud and steam drums, steam traps, sterilizing equipment and heat recovery system.   Product Features: […]