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Pilot/Embarkation Ladders

Embarkation Ladders (MED/USCG Approved)

Our Embarkation Ladders are in compliance with ISO 5489:2008       Applications: Embarkation Ladder is one of the deck equipment, often used by the crew to board a lifeboat or used as access to the life rafts during emergencies when the crew is unable to control a fire, the ship is sinking or there […]

Pilot Ladders (MED/USCG Approved)

Our Pilot Ladders meet the required standards (ISO 799-1:2019) to ensure your maritime pilots board the vessels safely.       Applications: Pilot ladders are used every day by maritime pilots around the world to board and disembark ships. When buying ladders, it is very important to purchase from a reputable stockist only.   Product […]