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Pilot/Embarkation Ladders

Pilot Ladders (MED/USCG Approved)

Our Pilot Ladders meet the required standards (ISO 799-1:2019) to ensure your maritime pilots board the vessels safely.




Pilot ladders are used every day by maritime pilots around the world to board and disembark ships. When buying ladders, it is very important to purchase from a reputable stockist only.


Product Features:

The steps on these ladders have non-skid surfaces and are secured with sea water resistant aluminium clamps

Ropes are not painted, coated or covered and thimbles will be provided

Ropes spliced to top on the ladder

All steps are made from hardwood, bottom 4 steps are made from rubber

• Bottom structure available in open end or closed end



Number Of Steps On Pilot Ladder:




6m – 19 Steps (Impa Code: 232031)

9m – 28 Steps (Impa Code: 232032)

12m – 37 Steps (Impa Code: 232004)

15m – 36 Steps (Impa Code: 232003)

18m – 55 Steps (Impa Code: -)


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.