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Assortment Kits

Rubber O-Ring Kit

Made of flexible rubber which provides secure seals for any oil, hydraulic, air, gas and water seal applications. It is great for use with any home mechanic, handyman, or professional project.     Standard: Metrics, Imperial     Availability:  813072 18 Sizes/222pc NBR Rubber 813072 30 Sizes/382pc NBR or VITON Rubber  

Copper Ring Kit

Specially designed for marine use, all different sizes are packed in a 30 compartment transparent plastic case.     Availability: 813080 16 Sizes/200pc 813080 30 Sizes/284pc 813080 30 Sizes/400pc 813080 30 Sizes/540pcpc

METAL-TEK® O-Ring Splicing Kit

Contains an assortment of O-Ring cord stock, can be used to make replacement O-Rings and to perform quick repairs.     Kit Content: Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Super Glue) O-Ring Cutter O-Ring Fixture Rubber Cord Size: 3/32” x 2’, 1/8” x 3’, 3/16” x 4’, ¼” x 5’     Availability: 813070 NBR Rubber or Viton Rubber

Punch Tool Set

Punch Tool Set (Dies & Table) is a handy and most convenient way to make 6mm to 38mm gasket and washers. Suitable for use on compressed rubber, natural fiber jointing, oil papers, thin brass and copper sheets.     Impa Code: 613056

Packing Hook Set

Shank consists of one inner spiral shaft wrapped with an outer spiral of steel wire laid in the opposite direction. The flexible shaft has a solid handle and the hook is carefully tempered and pointed. It is specially designed to extract used packing material from pumps and valves. Packing hooks remove and replace the leaking […]