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Safety Equipment

Personnel Transfer Basket

The personnel transfer basket, also known as the marine offshore man basket, is a device used to transport crews from one point to another safely and quickly using a crane mounted on either a floating or fixed platform. Our personnel transfer basket is ABS certified and certification report can be provided at your requirement.   […]

Lifebuoy Ring

Made from high-density polyethylene and buoyancy from polyurethane foam for durability in exposed weather conditions. Complete with Solas reflective tape and poly rope. Our lifebuoy ring complies with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU and Implemention Regulation (EU)2022/1157.     Applications: A lifebuoy ring is normally thrown into a water body to assist the casualty with staying […]

Stage With Transverse Bearers

Wooden plank with small crosspiece of wood at each end of the stage. With a proper setup and use of personnel safety equipment, the stage provides a stable and secure platform for workers to perform tasks at elevated heights. This contributes to safety by minimizing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.       […]

Automatic Fall Arrest Device

Self-Retracting and self-locking. Enable users to safely perform work at height without the fear of serious injury. Complies with EN353-1 standard. The use of automatic fall arrest devices allows for greater mobility for those working at height, while also minimizing trip hazards as the cable is always under constant tension. Breaking mechanisms stop falls quickly […]

Fire Blanket

Designed to extinguish either a small fire or to wrap around a person to protect them in hazardous areas. Made from 100% fiberglass and meets the EN-2869:1997 standard for cooking fire suppression. The blanket enables the user to remove oxygen from a burning fire by smothering additional air that would continue to fuel the fire. […]

Winter Boilersuit With Reflective Tapes

Waterproof and coldproof, keep dry and protected from the elements.     Applications: •  Suitable in rain / wet / cold environments •  Mining cold storage and refrigeration •  General outdoor work in cold climate •  Contractor applications     Product Features: •  Detachable hood with drawstrings •  Inner knitted cuffs •  Waterproof seams •  […]