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PTFE Products

CVS® PTFE Sheet (Mechanical Grade)

CVS® PTFE Sheet is a mechanical grade gasket material manufractured from a combination of virgin PTFE and reprocessed PTFE.   It is a cost-effective alternative to virgin grade, particularly recommended for applications in industrial and process industries where high purity materials are not required.   Mechanical grade PTFE has similar chemical and tribological properties as […]

CVS® FL2000 Expanded PTFE Sheet (Low Creep)

CVS® FL2000 is a soft, conformable material with cold flow properties that has been improved by mixing organic filler with it using a special manufacturing technique.     Applications: Ideal for use in pipelines handling all type of chemical products such as highly concentrated hot sulfuric and nitric acids. Cannot be used with sodium hydroxide […]

CVS® PTFE Sheet (Carbon Filled)

A joint sheet composed of PTFE, mixed with carbon filler. The operating temperature ranges from -80°C to 180°C.     Applications: Suitable for general fluids (water, steam, oil, etc.), solvents, corrosive liquids (especially alkali liquid), liquefied gases, cryogenic fluids. It may be used on pipes, valve bonnets, towers, and tanks.     Product Features: •  […]


Standard-grade PTFE rod with a slippery surface. It has exceptional chemical resistance, and provides excellent electrical insulation.     Applications: Suitable for making valves, manifolds, bearings and bushings, and scientific equipment.     Product Features: •  High-temperature resistance •  Extreme chemical resistance •  Anti-aging, weathering resistance •  Excellent electrical insulation •  Very low coefficient of […]

CVS® PTFE Envelope Gasket (V-Type)

A V-shaped pure PTFE envelope.     Applications: For use with an insert material to form an envelope gasket. The main advantage of an envelope gasket is that it gives the strength and characteristics of the core material along with the properties of PTFE.     Product Features: •  High-temperature resistance •  Extreme chemical resistance […]

CVS® PTFE Ring Face Gasket

Mechanical grade PTFE ring face gasket.     Applications: Seals over a smaller area than full face designs and apply higher compressive loads for a given bolt tightness. Requires less material and less cutting. Can be installed without completely dissembling the joint.     Product Features: •  High-temperature resistance •  Extreme chemical resistance •  Anti-aging, […]