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Other Cleaning Supplies

Oil Spill Dispersant

A biodegradable hydrocarbon based product with high dispersing efficiency and low toxicity.     Applications: Ideal for dispersing and clearing accidental oil spills on deck and in the sea. Can also be used as a tank cleaner for removal of heavy oil contaminations like crude oil, paraffines, etc.     Product Features: •  Biodegradable and […]

Hand Cleaner Orange

Hand Cleaner Orange is formulated to be gentle, biodegradable cleaners and emollients. It will leave hands soft and clean.   Application: It is highly recommended for use in schools, childcare center, institutional, food processing plants, garages, hotels, schools, camps, etc.   Instructions: Place a small amount of Hand Cleaner Orange into the palm of the […]


Made from crushed walnut shells in accordance with industrial standards soft enough not to damage and oxidizer the turbocharger material. Several types of grain size available.     Applications: Efficiently removes carbon scale. Suitable for use in cleaning up dirt sticks from nozzles and blades of turbocharger.     Product Features: •  Clean surfaces without […]

Mineral Sponge Granular Absorbent

Specifically sized zeolite granules, capable of absorbing up to 75% of its own weight of liquid.       Applications: Mainly used as an absorbent for spills of oil/fuel and liquid chemicals.   Features: •  Does not break down and become slippery when wet •  Capable of absorbing up to 50% more than kitty litter and fluids […]