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Other Cleaning Supplies


Made from crushed walnut shells in accordance with industrial standards soft enough not to damage and oxidizer the turbocharger material. Several types of grain size available.




Efficiently removes carbon scale. Suitable for use in cleaning up dirt sticks from nozzles and blades of turbocharger.



Product Features:

•  Clean surfaces without damaging underlying materials

•  Can be used to absorb contaminants

•  Renewable and environmental friendly

•  Re-usable

•  Economical



Technical Specifications:

Material: Walnut shell

Color: Brown

Weight Per Bag: 20kg

Nominal Grain:

•  #8 – Main Diameter: 2000-2830μm

•  #12-16 – Main Diameter: 1000-2000μm

•  #20 – Main Diameter: 840-1190μm




•  Walnut shell #8 (Impa Code: 232978)

•  Walnut shell #12-16 (Impa Code: 232976, 232975, 232974)

•  Walnut shell #20 (Impa Code: 232973)


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.