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Anti-Piracy Products

Portable Toilet

An easy to move and transport waste container, holds water and does not leak. Offers comfort, can be emptied and clean without hassle.     Applications: Useful for citadel that does not have standard water closet available.     Product Features: •  Portable •  Easy to use •  Water saving •  Clean and no odor […]

Anti-Shatter Film (Blast Mitigation)

Anti-Shatter Film provides protection from dangerous glass breakages in the event of a natural disaster or demolition by pirates.       Applications: For use on interior side of glass windows or doors. When applied correctly, it forms an almost invisible protective coating on the glass surface.     Product Features: •  Make glass safe […]

Anti-Piracy Dummy

Full-color, skin-colored male body with detailed facial features made of polyethylene plastic. This high-quality dummy can be easily disassembled into several parts for storage and transport. The dummy is bare and comes without clothes or a wig. Equipment and clothing are separate order.       Applications: For use as a false security patrol man […]

Connecting Tie For Razor Wire

Packaging: 100’s/bag   Impa Code: 671220    

Connecting Clip For Razor Wire

Packaging: 100’s/bag   Impa Code: 671218    

Razor Wire

Razor Wires are cross loop wires manufactured using mild steel wire and are equipped with sharp blades. Available in Galvanized or Stainless Steel.       Applications: Specially created to prevent any potential vandals or intruders wishing to gain access to sites.     Product Features: •  Provide effective deterrent against intrusion through the fence •  […]