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Metal-Tek® Electric Motor & Contact Cleaner

Metal-Tek® Electric Motor & Contact Cleaner is a fast acting and non-corrosive solvent for cleaning and degreasing of oil, dirt, grease and grime on electrical parts and equipment. It is fast drying and non-flammable.  It is non-conductive and replaces the toxic and highly flammable solvents like naptha and trichloroethylene.     Specifications:   Color Colorless […]

Metal-Tek® Belt Dressing Spray

Metal-Tek® Belt Dressing Spray is specially developed to prevent slippage of all types of flat, round, or v-belts, used in compressors, pumps, conveyors, fans, automotive and farm equipment.  It stops squeaks and squeals in pulleys, effectively increases gripping power up to 70%.     Specifications:   Color Colorless pH 7 Specific Gravity 1.3     […]

Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Penetrant

Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Penetrant is a solvent removable red color contrast penetrant. It exhibits outstanding penetrating characteristics which provide for maximum reliability in locating surface flaws.  Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Penetrant is an ideal product to meet the convenience of users in field applications where portability is required.     Contents: 400ml     Impa Code: 450932 […]

Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Developer

Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Developer is fast drying. It has low Sulphur content. Provides an excellent contrasting background for Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Penetrant.     Contents: 400ml     Impa Code: 450933  

Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Cleaner

Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Cleaner is non-flammable and fast drying. It can eliminate industrial fires. Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Cleaner/Remover is both economical and gives excellent performance.     Contents: 400ml     Impa Code: 450931  

Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Set (3’s/Set)

Complete set containing one 400ml canister each of Metal-Tek® Leak Detector Cleaner, Penetrant & Developer.     Impa Code:  617026