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FRP Grating Mesh 38mm

FRP is a one piece, fully molded fibre reinforced plastic grating. Our molded fiberglass gratings are manufactured by interfacing reinforcing glass fibre roving within a polyester resin, thermally cured in the mold. Gratings produced using this technique yields 30-35% (by total weight) of fiberglass reinforcement.


Corrosion resistance is provided by the resin, and the stiffness is provided by the glass rovings. Possessing a higher glass content results in a stiffer fiberglass grating.


For fire retardant protection, the resin used for our gratings are complete with fire retardant additive to obtain class 1 fire spread rating of 25 or less as per ASTM E-84. UV inhibitors and antioxidant are included into our recipe of gratings to achieve better UV protection.






Suitable for industrial, commercial, recreational, and other uses. Primary used for flooring, access walkways, platforms, bridges, and stair treads.





We can customize our grating to suit your needs. In addition to supplying FRP stock panels. We provide our customers with various FRP customization options, as well as cutting services.


Choose from two resin systems:

•  VEFR: Vinyl Ester Fire Retardant resin provides the highest level of corrosion protection. Inclusion of Fire Retardant additives gives the FRP a low fire spread score.

•  IFR: Isophthalic Fire Retardant resin system provides excellent corrosion protection. Inclusion of Fire Retardant additives gives the FRP a low fire spread score.



Choose from two structure types:

•  Grating with Angle Bars

•  Grating without Angle Bars




Product Features: 

•  Exellent strength to weight ratio

•  Gritted surface provides superb Anti-Slip properties

•  Excellent Corrosion resistance properties

•  Fire Resistant

•  Non-Sparking

•  Non-Magnetic

•  Non-Conductive

•  UV Resistant

•  Light weight




Technical Specifications:

Mesh Size (M): 38 x 38mm

Mesh Size (L): 31.5 x 31.5mm

Height (H): Available in 25mm or 38mm

Bar (S1): 6.5mm

Bar (S2): 5.0mm

Standard Panel Size: 1000 x 3000mm

Surface Type: Gritted

Color Available: Grey, Yellow or Green




Product Availability:

•  FRP Grating H25mm (Impa Code: 673815, 673816, 673817)

•  FRP Grating H38mm (Impa Code: 673811, 673812, 673813)


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.