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Serrated Galvanized Iron Grating

Our Serrated Galvanized Iron Gratings are galvanized surface treated for corrosion resistance properties, which ensure a long service life in corrosive environments. The raised surface on serrated iron grating offers excellent anti-slip properties in environments filled with water, oil and other slippery substances.





Suitable for use in ships’ flooring, stair tread of gangway, catway, pump room, engine room, etc. Can also be use as platform walkway grating or drainage covers in pedestrian street and factories.



Product Features:

•  High strength and bearing capacity

•  Anti-slip

•  Anti-corrosion

•  Easy to install and remove without the use of mechanical hoists

•  Do not accumulate rain, snow, and dust



Technical Specifications:


Bearing Bar Depth (H): 1 inch

Bearing Bar Thickness (T): 3mm

Cross Bar Spacing (M): 100mm

Bearing Bar Spacing (L): 30mm

Standard Panel Size: 914 x 3000mm

Surface Type: Serrated



Impa Code: 673803, 673804


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.