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Epoxy Putty

Metal-Tek® Titanium Putty

Metal-Tek® Titanium Putty is a high performance, titanium reinforced epoxy specially developed for making repairs that can be precision machined. Contains a set of resin and hardender.


Applications: For repairing and rebuilding load bearing components, machineries, and equipments that can be precision machined.


Product Features:
• Provides excellent temperature resistance
• High compressive strength
• Good resistance to chemical and most acids, bases, solvent, and alkalis
• Withstand heavy loads in harsh chemical environments
• Can be drilled, tapped, machined, or painted



Technical Specifications:

•  Physical State: Liquid Paste

•  Odour: Mild

•  pH: Not applicable

•  Specific Gravity: 1.10

•  Vapor Pressure: Less than 5mmHg at 27°C

•  Vapor Density: Not applicable

•  Evaporation Rate: Not applicable

•  Color: Greyish-Black

•  Content: 1lb



Impa Code: 812241

For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.