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Gland Packings

Pure PTFE Packing (CVS® 4505)

CVS® 4505 is a square braided packing manufactured from pure PTFE filaments that have been impregnated with PTFE dispersion and lubricated with special heat-resisting agents.




An exceptional packing for use in centrifugal pumps, reciprocating type pumps, turbines, agitators, mixers, and low pressure valves.



Product Features:

•  High structural strength, good solvent and chemical resistance

•  Ideal for use in extensive applications, especially when clean and non-contaminating packaging is needed

•  Resistant to all media (pH 0-14) with the exception of molten or dissolved alkali metals and flourine at particularly high temperatures and pressures

•  Suitable for use with solvents, strong acids and alkalis



Technical Specifications:

•  Temperature: -100°C to 80°C

•  Pressure: 50 Bar

•  pH: 0 to 14

•  Velocity: 10m/s



Size Availability:


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.