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Gland Packings

Graphite Filled PTFE Packing with Kevlar Corner (CVS® 4529)

CVS® 4529 is a square braided hybrid packing manufactured from a combination of graphite filled PTFE and aramid yarns reinforcing the edges to prevent gap extrusion during high pressure and temperature conditions.




For use in reciprocating pumps, mixers and high viscosity pumps.



Product Features:

•  Good sliding properties and thermal conductibility

•  Suitable for use with oil, water, alkali, solvent and acid



Technical Specifications:

•  Temperature: -200°C to 260°C

•  Pressure: 100 Bar

•  pH: 2 to 14

•  Velocity: 16m/s



Size Availability:


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.