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Gland Packings

Graphite Inconel Wire Packing (CVS® 6711)

CVS® 6711 is a square braided hybrid packing manufactured from high-purity expanded graphite ribbons. The packing is reinforced with an inconel wire, with corners strengthened by high-quality carbon fiber yarns, and surface coated with graphite powder.




Suitable for use in high-temperature and high-pressure valves, heat transfer oil valves, and soot blower air valves.



Product Features:

•  Strengthened by carbon fiber yarns, it ensures an excellent extrusion stability and wear resistance

•  Low coefficient of thermal expansion similar to steel

•  High-temperature resistance and high-electrical conductivity

•  Resistant to a wide range of chemicals with exception of powerful oxidizers



Technical Specifications:

•  Temperature: -200°C to 650°C

•  Pressure: 431 Bar

•  pH: 0 to 14

•  Velocity: 2m/s



Size Availability:


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.