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Gland Packings

CVS 6711

Non-asbestos Braided Packing for High Temperature and High-Pressure Valves

Braided grapfoil packing reinforced by inconel wire



Temperature: -200°C to 850°C

Pressure 440kgf/cm²

Velocity: 2m/s

pH Range: 0-14



For high pressure valves, heat transfer oil valves, high pressure gas valves, soot blowers.  *Not recommended for pump


Available Size:


Impa Code Size
810581 3mm X 3mtr
810582 5mm X 3mtr
810583 6.5mm X 3mtr
810584 8mm X 3mtr
810585 9.5mm X 3mtr
810586 11mm X 3mtr
810587 12.5mm X 3mtr
810588 14.5mm X 3mtr
810589 16mm X 3mtr
810591 19mm X 3mtr
20.5mm X 3mtr
22mm X 3mtr
24mm X 3mtr
25.5mm X 3mtr