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Jointing Sheets


Non-asbestos Stainless-Steel Mesh Inserted Graphite Sheet

Thickness: 0.4mm – 3.0mm

Size Available: 1Mtr x 1Mtr, 1.5Mtr x 1Mtr, 1.5Mtr x 1.5Mtr

Types of Fibers: Cellulose fiber, Mineral fiber & Organic fiber with metal gauge centre

Binders: NBR

Max. Continuous Temperature: 250 °c

Max. Internal Pressure: 70kg/cm²


Available Size:


Impa Code Size
811286 1.0mm x 1.5mtr x 1.5mtr
811287 1.5mm x 1.5mtr x 1.5mtr
811288 2.0mm x 1.5mtr x 1.5mtr
811289 3.0mm x 1.5mtr x 1.5mtr
811286 1.0mm x 1mtr x 1mtr
811287 1.5mm x 1mtr x 1mtr
811288 2.0mm x 1mtr x 1mtr
811289 3.0mm x 1mtr x 1mtr