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Ceramic Fiber

CVS® Ceramic Board

CVS® Ceramic Board offers thermal insulation with higher rigidity than ceramic fiber blankets.




Suitable for use as hot face lining for high-temperature kiln and furnace, insulation back-up for brick and monolithic refractories, infra-red element supports, glass tank side, end wall and port neck insulation, nuclear insulation application, hot gas duct lining, expansion joint seals, as well as pouring forms for castable.



Product Features:

•  Excellent heat resistance and high heat reflectance

•  Low thermal conductivity, sound transmission, and heat storage

•  High temperature stability

•  Excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack

•  Excellent strength and hardness



Technical Specifications:

Temperature Resistance up to: 800°C

Thermal Conductivity: 

•  At 400°C: 0.09 w/m.k

•  At 600°C: 0.14 w/m.k

•  At 800°C: 0.18 w/m.k

Density: 200-280 kg/m³

Fiber Diameter: 0.5 μm

Combustion Loss: 6%

Color: White



Chemical Composition:

  Al₂O₃: 42%

  SiO₂: 52%



•  Fe₂O₃: 0-1%



Size Availability:

•  20mm x 900mm x 600mm (Impa Code: 813911, 813912)

•  25mm x 900mm x 600m (Impa Code: 813913, 813914)


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.