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CVS® Fiberglass Braided Yarn Rope

CVS® Fiberglass Braided Yarn Rope is made from high-temperature fiberglass yarn braided into round form. It is a good substitute for asbestos products.




Extensively used as heat insulation and sealing materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems.



Product Features:

  Heat, spark, and flame resistant

•  Chemical resistant

•  High tensile strength

•  Low thermal conductivity

•  Resistant to mildew

•  Durable

•  Non-toxic



Technical Specifications:

•  Fiber Length: Continuous Filament

•  Temperature Resistance up to: 550°C


Chemical Composition:

•  SiO₂: 54% Min(SiO₂ + Ai₂O₃ 70%)

•  CaO: 18% Max

•  B₂O₃: 8%

•  Fe₂O₃: 0.5% Max





For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.