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Metal-Tek® Oil Gauging Tape

Consist of 13 mm steel or stainless steel high etched tape, protected by a high-impact resistant plastic frame. The built-in fixed pulley system allows for quick and easy operation. It comes with a chromed brass drawing weight attached, and tapes are in both mm and inch graduation.





For accurate measurement of oil tank, as well as the depth of petroleum and other liquid products in storage tanks and containers.



Product Features:

•  Gauging tapes can be swiftly modified from right-hand to left-hand operation

•  Measurements (mm & Inch) on tape

•  Removable brass cylindrical weight



Technical Specifications:

•  Tape Material: Stainless Steel, Steel White or Steel Black

•  Tape Width: 13mm

•  Tape Length: 15m, 20m or 30m

•  Frame Material: BASIC High-Impact Plastic

•  Graduation: mm & Inch




Stainless Steel: Ideal for most oils and liquids

•  15m (Impa Code: 650871, 650876)

•  20m (Impa Code: 650872, 650877)

•  30m (Impa Code: 650873, 650878)

Steel White: Ideal for dark or light oils and liquids

•  15m (Impa Code: 650851, 650856)

•  20m (Impa Code: 650872, 650877)

•  30m (Impa Code: 650873, 650878)

Steel Black: Ideal for dark or clear liquids

•  15m (Impa Code: 650861, 650866)

•  20m (Impa Code: 650862, 650867)

•  30m (Impa Code: 650863, 650868)


For Technical/Material Safety Data Sheets or order inquiries, please contact us.